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John Kiester hosts Renton’s great new television commercial

After 10 years of improving our city’s economic fortunes with active marketing, we’re taking our ahead-of-the-curve marketing campaign to the next level. You will surely enjoy this new ad!


Click here to see Almost Live Host John Kiester in Renton’s new television ad

RENTON, WA-The Renton Community Marketing Campaign will showcase the
city and its brand “Renton. Ahead of the Curve” in a television
commercial to be aired during the NFC Wild Card game, featuring the
Seattle Seahawks, and during the Super Bowl XLII pre-game show.

The advertisement features actor/comedian John Keister, who regularly
panned Renton on his groundbreaking comedy show “Almost Live,” which
was produced and broadcast by KING-TV from 1984 to 1999.

“Remember all those jokes we used to make on ‘Almost Live’ about
Renton?” Keister reminisces in the commercial.

Over the past decade, Renton has undergone a remarkable transformation,
shaking a historic blue-collar image and becoming one of the fastest
growing communities in King County.

“With exciting developments under construction such as the Seattle
Seahawks’ Virginia Mason Athletic Center and The Landing, our 68-acre
mixed-use neighborhood, as well as great neighborhoods, a diverse
business community, excellent schools, Renton Technical College and
Valley Medical Center, Renton is a dynamic place to be,” said Mayor
Denis Law.

The Renton Community Marketing Campaign celebrates its 10th anniversary
in 2008. The partnership includes the City of Renton, Renton Chamber of
Commerce, Renton School District, Renton Technical College, and Valley
Medical Center. The partnership has been recognized nationally for its
“Ahead of the Curve” brand and as one of the first in a trend of
communities working to market themselves.
“Ahead of the Curve is more than just a marketing slogan,” said
Alex Pietsch, administrator of the city’s Economic Development,
Neighborhoods and Strategic Planning Department, who coordinates the
campaign’s marketing efforts. “It is a way of life here in Renton.
We’re taking that message to a new level by running this advertisement
on television. And, with the Seattle Seahawks locating their
headquarters and training facility in Renton this year, we could think
of no better place to start than their first playoff game.”

Previous marketing efforts have focused on radio and print
advertisements. This is the campaign’s first foray into broadcast

“If people haven’t thought of Renton since ‘Almost Live’ was on
the air, we hope this ad will give them reason to come down and give us
a look,” added Bill Taylor, CEO of the Renton Chamber of Commerce.
“Whether you have a young family and are looking for an affordable,
close-in community to call home or a company in need of a centrally
located headquarters, Renton is clearly is a community with a tremendous
amount to offer.”

A copy of the advertisement is attached. For more information about the
City of Renton visit


  1. Anonymous Anonymous
    January 5, 2008    

    Great Stuff!!

    Really good ad (and the press release ain’t too shabby either). Love that “Mayor Denis Law” stuff.

    Way to go Renton Community Marketing Campaign(the five-legged stool in action!)!!

  2. January 5, 2008    

    Just saw it!

    Awesome commercial! Very professionally done, and the Almost Live reference was fantastic (and it’s not necessary to have seen the show to get the point).

    What a nice surprise have come up during the game’s commercial break. I think I commented a few weeks ago that it’d be a good idea to see an updated Renton commercial on local TV — I guess others felt the same way. Great job to everyone involved in producing and funding it.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous
    January 6, 2008    

    Randy…. Please read this.

    Randy, There was some lively comments here that were a bit too much.

    I’ve noticed you’ve deleted them rather than comment on them.

    That’s you’re perogative… but at the same time, it’s hard to have a discussion when those discussions get deleted.

    Don’t fear any spotlight – we’re all here for you and would like to support you.

  4. January 6, 2008    

    Re: Randy…. Please read this.

    Yes, thanks for your support. And I should explain this a little.

    I was torn about deleting the comments. I kept copies in fact.

    But I decided the conversation might deteriorate into a flame war, fueled by the stress of the power transfer at city hall. Since the attacking comments were attached to an otherwise happy piece about our Renton’s new television advertisement, I theorized that the advertisement may be too much salt in the wound for those who left office this week.

    I will always accept comments disagreeing with my opinion… in fact, I encourage them. And I will leave them, as long as they are directed at issues only, and are fair and reasonably accurate.

    I am very thankful to those of you who came to my rescue this morning!

    Best Wishes to all,


    • January 7, 2008    

      Re: Randy…. Please read this.

      Darn, I missed all the excitement! I’m dying to know what all the drama was about. But it sounds like it’s better left unsaid.

    • Anonymous Anonymous
      January 8, 2008    

      Re: Randy…. Please read this.

      I noticed the “return of Inez” was deleted a while back, too. The cranky posts are the most entertaining sometimes. Why not just let ’em slug it out!

    • Anonymous Anonymous
      January 8, 2008    

      Re: Randy…. Please read this.

      I was shocked by how hateful and threatening the post was, and agree with its removal as it does detract from the topic of the post being the new Renton advertisement. I hope you’ve saved it and turn it over to your attorney and authorities. It went beyond political discussion to a blatant threat. Shame, shame, shame on the individual that posted it and I would encourage that individual to seek professional counseling on an ongoing basis to learn to deal with her/his anger and the HUGE chip on her/his shoulder. This type of individual is the last we need on City Council or in any other leadership role.

      • Anonymous Anonymous
        January 8, 2008    

        Re: Randy…. Please read this.

        Would you consider possibly posting the comment for like a 24 hour period, so us, your avid readers, could understand what everyone is talking about? What ever happen to freedom of speech? I can’t imagine someone typing something so awful that it ever merits deletion. Isn’t that the point of blogs? Isn’t that why we all appreciate this blog? To get the truths out there and hear perspectives by people, no matter the content? Just my random thoughts. I don’t know what was said (obviously an attack on someone), but just curious that’s all.

        • Anonymous Anonymous
          January 8, 2008    

          Re: Randy…. Please read this.

          Excellent idea! If your concerned about obscene words, you could always bleep those out (if there are any, of course). Was the attack directed towards you, Randy, or was it someone else? I am very curious about this post… could it be the new lipstick of Renton!?

          • Anonymous Anonymous
            January 8, 2008    

            Re: Randy…. Please read this.

            The nasty comment was on the lines of: (In condensed form)

            ] We will get you…. BWA HA HA HAAAAA
            ] How dare you hurt our dear leader (Mayor Kathy)
            ] Me any my minions will get you next election with a crappy website. BWAAA HA HA HA.
            ]-The Take Back Renton Committee

            Add 200% more delusion, 500% more words, an 400% more paranoia and you’ll see why the post was deleted.

            I wish the post and the rather entertaining reply were not deleted, but you weren’t missing anything. One anonymous reader did a really good job tracking who the “Take Back Renton Committee” was.

          • Anonymous Anonymous
            January 8, 2008    

            Re: Randy…. Please read this.

            That about sums it up! Very tinfoil hat worthy. :-)

          • Anonymous Anonymous
            January 8, 2008    

            Re: Randy…. Please read this.

            More Kathy stuff? I thought we were over all that… {sigh}

          • Anonymous Anonymous
            January 9, 2008    

            Re: Randy…. Please read this.

            Who is the “Take Back Renton Committee”?

          • Anonymous Anonymous
            January 8, 2008    

            Re: Randy…. Please read this.

            Lipstick? Oh wow, we’re back to that. Wouldn’t that then point fingers that Randy posted this awful comment himself, as with the lipstick? Wow the scandals of Renton could become the next box office hit. Anyone else see the comment? Could someone enlighten us as to what it said? We better alert the media. Ha ha.

          • Anonymous Anonymous
            January 9, 2008    

            Re: Randy…. Please read this.

            Oh Dear God grow up! What is the problem with you negative finger pointing people? Go stand in the corner now.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous
    May 9, 2008    

    Funny quote

    The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you’ve got
    it made.
    — Jean Giraudoux


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