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Accident on Maple Valley Highway last night

Here is a Myspace posting by my son Andy, who appears to have been the first to spot a serious one car accident on Maple Valley Highway last night. He could still see the dust cloud from the car crash when he called 911 from his mobile phone. He said that numerous City of Renton Emergency vehicles were there extremely quickly after he made his call… which from the sounds of it was the first one received by ValleyCom.

May 24, 2008 1:35 AM
Subject: Crazy night
Body: So as I was driving home from Christain’s house (near eastern edge of Renton, on the Cedar River), along the very particularly dark stretch of maple valley highway that does a total S curve (really close to where the bars/appartments/stonewall are) I noticed a damp section on the road. As I got closer I saw a very wrecked looking car in the bushes and a giant dust cloud emanating from it. I picked up my phone and dialed 911 and told them what I saw. Within no less than 30 seconds there was a cop car speeding toward it siren blaring. I then pulled a U-ie just to make sure they found it okay, as I was unable to explain exactly where I saw it. A few hundred feet down the highway I saw they cop car parked along the road, right in front of the wreck. Seeing that the poor souls in the the were in good hands, I found a side street, and turned around once again to be on my merry way. However, In that span of about 1 minute and 30 seconds, about 4 more police cars, an ambulance, and a fire engine had showed up. The funny thing was that the heap of emergency vehicles blocked 3 of the 4 lanes. in front of me (the only one left unblocked was going the wrong way too. I could have made another U-turn and left, but it was interesting to watch, and I was in good company as several of my friends were in the car with me, so we just chilled parked in the middle of maple valley highway for about a half hour.

At one point a pedestrian hiked up to get a closer look. On his way back I asked him what he saw. Apparently the car flipped, and although one guy was okay, the other “wasn’t looking too hot” (we of course made several jokes after he said that) but I’m pretty sure he was hurt bad, seeing as there were like a million emergency vehicles.

Anyway, it was an interesting evening. It felt weird knowing that that phone call I made shut down maple valley highway for a good 30 minutes. There was a hella long line of cars behind us when we finally started moving.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous
    May 25, 2008    

    It’s lucky that a responsible driver saw evidence of the accident and remained calm enough to call 911! The police response also was impressively speedy.

    Mary C. (in Livermore CA)

  2. May 27, 2008    


    Thanks Andy!

    Thanks for calling 911. Every second counts… you never know when an extra thirty seconds could save a life.

    Generally, it’s best to call 911 – there’s been a lot of cases where people though that someone else already has called and nobody calls!

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